Make Your Instagram Stories Pop!

3 Tips to Make Your Instagram Stories Stand Out

Instagram is all about engagement, and nowadays there are so many ways to encourage engagement. There are photos, slideshows, videos, and now - there are Instagram stories! While we think that all content types are important, there is something about Instagram stories that has really captured our interest, and today we're sharing how to make your Instagram stories STAND OUT! 

Be Personable

Unlike your beautifully curated Instagram feed, your Instagram stories don't need to be manicured and perfect. Stories are a great way to have your following get to know you - the good, the bad, the silly. Don't be afraid to go on sans makeup, or to talk about life stressors. Your Instagram feed is a reflection of your product (ie. your blog, youtube, etc), but your stories are a reflection of the real life you. 

Ask Questions

Encourage engagement by asking questions. People love to connect and asking a question helps followers reach out to you. By asking questions you'll create conversations and a better bond with your audience. 

Give Tips

Who doesn't love a great tip now and again? Share your beauty, fashion, and tech tips! If you know something that you know your readers will benefit from - share it! They'll love you for it, and they'll keep watching you so they can learn more. 

Photo Credit: Zeh Campos