Create an Efficient Content Calendar

by Jenny Wan

5 Tips for Creating an Effective Social Media Content Calendar

A social media content calendar will help you develop your editorial strategy, organize how you curate and create content, and keep your content consistent. An effective social media content calendar will save you time and energy, and keeps your audience engaged by preventing your content from getting repetitive.

Keep it organized and readable.

While this may seem obvious, it’s important to make sure your content calendar isn’t too clunky and hard to read. Make sure the topic, the channels, the time, and any special considerations are purposeful and clear to anyone reading. Consider using a template or create your own spreadsheet from examples of what other people use.

Keep your audience in mind.

Good content should start with knowing who will be reading. Create an audience persona (what your typical audience member is like) and explore what content they want to see. Once you have a persona, do some research into what typically resonates and gets engagement.

Fill ‘er up!

Once you have an idea of what kind of content you want to create, populate the calendar with special events, holidays, product launches, and company announcements. If it’s appropriate for your brand, there are also great resources out there highlighting fun days to celebrate, like Frozen Yogurt Day, etc.

Check analytics.

Facebook, Twitter, Google, and other platforms can help you find the ideal posting times and how often to be posting on each platform. It’s important to make sure you’re not under or over-posting!

Keep things fluid.

Don’t completely rely on the calendar; make sure to keep it up to date with trending topics or news stories. Check your analytics and add more content that resonates with your audience. Don’t forget to  check out what your competitors are doing, for new ideas and strategies.