Press Release: Social Media Power Hour

Digital Marketing Agency in Vancouver to Host Social Media Power Hour Training

Social T., a boutique digital marketing company, will be providing quick and informative training on various social media platforms this fall.

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA — (August 14th, 2017)- Starting in September, Social T., a social media marketing agency on South Granville will be hosting hour-long sessions to provide practical education on platforms such as Instagram, LinkedIn and Canva. 

The classes will be held at the Social T. office and will highlight the best social media practices on various platforms. Through these classes, attendees will learn how to develop and grow their online presence. The sessions will be offered for Instagram, LinkedIn and Canva since these platforms are essential for social media management and content creation. 

All of the power hour classes will be taught by the founder of Social T., Tara Clark. Tara is an energetic and experienced professional in the field of social media. She has developed her own company that is focused on supporting small to medium sized businesses by providing social media management and training. 

“My motto has always been to empower others through education”, says Tara. “Offering these power hour classes is a great way for individuals to gain applicable skills in social media to grow their businesses and brands.”

Through social media training, businesses are better able to showcase their brands online and create a brand reputation. With nearly one-third of the world’s population active on social media, now is a great time to invest in proper digital marketing education for professionals to stand apart from their competitors. 

“Gaining in-depth knowledge about social media platforms that we use daily and learning how to use these feeds properly is key for engaging audiences online”, says Tara. 

In order to provide an abundance of social media knowledge and effective training, other digital marketing classes taught by experienced professionals are also offered at Social T. 

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