Turn Engagement into Sales

Tips for turning your social engagement into income

If you're a blogger or social media influencer, you've likely wondered how you can turn your hobby blog into a full-time job. While the answer to that may seem challenging when you're in the midst of working towards your social media goals, the actual steps are simple!

Best of all, you don't need hundreds of thousands of followers to achieve your blogging career dreams.

Track Your Engagement

When it comes to your social media worth, it's all based on engagement.

Change your Instagram account to a business account so you can see and track insights on your posts. Based on what receives the most engagement, curate a branded theme and stick to that niche. Your niche combined with great branding and engagement are the essentials to turning your social media outlets into sources of income.

Contact Brands

Once you've found a proven method based on your engagement, reach out to brands that fit your own. Since you've found a look and feel that clearly works, you're going to want to stay true to it, so be choosy when it comes to the companies you work with.

When you have found a brand with whom you would like to establish a working relationship, reach out to them and share your insights and curate a unique campaign model. You want to show them what you can do for them: engagement, a new customer base, a unique perspective on their product, beautiful photography, etc.