Facebook Algorithm Builds on Connection

by Tara Clark 

Facebook's goal for 2018 is to help you have deeper interactions with the people you care about. 

Similar to LinkedIn, the interactions, shares, and comments made by your personal connections will rank higher on your news feed than content from a business page or news source.

Here's how your company can work with the recent changes: 

Person to person will be more valuable than person to page

  • We encourage your team to follow your business page and engage with the content (like, share, comment) from their personal Facebook profiles

  • When sharing content from a business page to your personal network, introduce the post with a unique question or statement that sparks conversation

  • Show rather than tell with live video. Feature your team, product launches, or answer FAQ’s (to name a few!)

Connections with people in your network will get the biggest boost because interacting with people you are close to is more meaningful

  • Invite friends, colleagues, and clients to like your business page through a personalized Facebook message. Make sure they follow your page to get the latest updates!

Prioritize exchanges that reflect more time and care

  • Have more interactions that require effort such as crafting long and thoughtful replies

  • Interact with others by liking and sharing great content. Tag your Facebook connections to extend the posts reach

Time people spend on Facebook will go down, but it will be better

  • Continue to create insightful content that fuels conversation, builds community, and informs your audience

Live videos will rank higher than eye-catching pre-recorded videos

  • You heard it here! Get out your iPhone out and jump on Facebook Live!


Craft content that encourages conversation and interactions from people you care about. 

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