branding 101 with Rebecca Rochon

Characteristics of a Strong Brand

When creating advertising material, it’s important to pinpoint what your audience is most interested in seeing. While content can be specific to different industries, there are 3 brand values that consumers gravitate towards:

  1. Relatability

  2. Authenticity

  3. Innovation

What is a BRAND?

There’s a common misconception that brand design consists only of creating a logo or colour scheme. In actuality, creative agencies are in place to work on the brands continued development and the execution of marketing strategies (e.g. websites, trade show booths, brochures etc).

It’s your business’s values and it’s entire personality… We have to see what sets your business apart and how we can better position you in the market against your competitors and from there we find a way to visually communicate that
— Rebecca Rochon, Creative Director at Pivot & Pilot Creative

How modern consumers react to marketing campaigns

Today’s consumer is far too smart for gimmicks and misleading copy. A company’s credibility is worth almost as much as the product/service itself. Growing and maintaining customer relationships, as well as maintaining the highest quality as possible is key when it comes to creating a brand.

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