How to Increase Exposure After Posting on Instagram for Interior Design Businesses

Now that you have your caption crafted, imagery selected, and post released, it’s time to maximize your post’s exposure. Here are four ways to make sure your content is seen:

#1: Collaborations

Partner with other industry professionals to cross-promote each other’s work, such as:

  • Realtors & Developers

  • Influencers

    • Work with hyper-local micro-influencers who can showcase your expertise in their preferred format (i.e. video or photo).

  • “Studio for a day” 

    • Align with social media managers and creatives who are looking for a place to shoot video & photography content. Offer your newly designed space for a discounted rate in exchange for social media tags. 

#2: Promotions

Host promotional activities on your page to attract new followers and increase engagement.

  • Contests: 

    • “Caption this photo to win a paint/tile/floor consult.” 

  • Giveaways: 

    • Pro bono projects where your team can flex their muscles and share the entire process from consult to completion. 

#3: Boosts

Set monthly budgets to boost content to your target audience. Advertising on Facebook and Instagram will allow you to:

  • Increase engagement

  • Gain followers

  • Increase consultation requests via messenger

  • Maximize exposure

#4: Engagement

In addition to responding to your post’s comments, like and follow complementary pages within your community. Take it a step further by sending them a direct message with a compliment about a recent post and why you like it. 


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