Social Media Training for C-Suite & Teams

Gain the skills you need to maximize how you and your team utilize social media. Whether it's lead generation, brand recognition or social media engagement tips, we've got you covered! 

Knowledge is Power 

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1-1 Training: For c-suite

This 60-minute session covers social media best practices and core concepts for executives. Learn how to effectively leverage LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter for relationship building and thought leadership. 

1-1 Training: For Marketers

Even marketers need to brush up on their social media skills! Learn about the latest time-saving stools, Facebook ad techniques and engagement tips from our expert strategists. 


group training: for teams

Sales, operations, executives and administrative teams can benefit greatly from social media education. In the session you will learn how to use LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook effectively to reach your specific business goals. 

need a speaker or panel moderator?

Our Founder, Tara Clark, brings energy, expertise and empowering conversations to boardrooms and ballrooms. Learn more HERE.

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