Tara Clark: Speaker, Trainer & Social Media Educator

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Tara Clark's speaking engagements are inspiring and informative. With nearly a decade of experience in the social media field, Tara has the ability to break down broad digital marketing topics into tangible bits, consumable and actionable by all levels of experience. 

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Tara has shared captivating stories to over 3,000 attendees at thought-provoking gatherings from Canada to Indonesia.

Speaking Topics Include

  • Collaboration Over Competition

  • Why I'm Allergic to the B Word (BUSY) 

  • 10 Things to Stop Posting on Instagram

  • Screentox: 5 Ways to incorporate more fulfilling face-to-face interactions in your day-to-day

  • Confessions of a business owner: * insert hot social media topic of the moment* Social Media Safety

  • Leveraging LinkedIn for Professional Services (Financial, Legal, Recruiters, Property Developers)

  • What NOT to post on Instagram (you'll thank me later!)

  • Landing Your Dream Gig in Social Media

  • Relationships & Referrals: The Social T. "Polish"

  • Seven Traits of Great Digital Marketers 

  • 10 things your brand can STOP doing on social media right now! 

  • Setting The Table: How Social Media Impacts Customer Buying Behaviour 

  • How social media influences customers (or turns them away) 

  • Collaborating with Influencers: Yay or Nay?

  • How to be an amazing remote worker.

  • White space: painting a new picture of Instagram

  • Pitch, please! PR for Social Media Experts.

panel opportunities

  • To book Tara as a moderator or panel guest, please email tara@socialt.biz

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Tara brings energy, expertise and empowering conversations to boardrooms and ballrooms.

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Tara's informative presentations and engaging energy will not disappoint! 

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