Want to Collaborate with Influencers?

By Bree Aylwin 

5 Tips for Collaborating with Social Media Influencers

When it comes to collaborating with bloggers and social media influencers, there are a few key elements to nurturing a positive and lucrative relationship. Today we are excited to be sharing these  5 key tips for collaborating with social media influencers. Scroll through to learn more!

Don't be Blinded by Numbers

When you're searching for bloggers to work with - focus on engagement more than the actual following numbers. Engagement is a better indication of influencer reach and interest. Followers, on the other hand, can be bought or can be fake follows. The key here is to remember to look for authentic bloggers.  

Get to Know their Brand

Before reaching out to an influencer, spend some time getting to know their brand. Read their posts, listen to their podcast, and review their social feeds to determine whether or not they suit your project and brand voice. The best way to create a great campaign is to work with those who naturally reflect your brand.

Request their Social Media Kit

Typically, influencers will have a social media kit available for brands to review. These kits hold key details about the influencers market, audience, and social reach. These often will also include rates for specific types of projects.

Get Creative

If you're looking for something outside the box, then host a creative brainstorming session with the blogger. This way you'll get to know one another well, build a relationship, and also come out with a one-of-a-kind collaboration. Remember, creativity breeds creativity!

Respect Influencer Boundaries

Every influencer wants control over their content. While businesses want to provide guidance and points on a blog or social post, in the end, a business needs to simply trust the influencer to create great content. You don't want your opinions and points to alter the influencer's voice since that is the reason you chose to collaborate with them in the first place.

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