Why Your Brand Should Be On Pinterest

by Laura Jodoin

If Pinterest wasn’t on your radar before, here’s why it should be!

High benefit at low commitment

You don’t need to maintain an active presence on Pinterest to reap the rewards. Technically, you don’t even need an account to be able to profit from the platform. As long as your website has some Pinnable images, you can sustain a presence and gain traffic from images shared on the platform.

Remember that Pinterest is dominated by user sharing, and not by companies pushing advertisements. Pinterest users are more likely to spend based on pins seen on the platform - so pin away!

Pinterest encourages sharing

The very nature of Pinterest is to re-share content; pins get circulated and re-pinned and therefore have a higher chance than other platforms of going viral. If you keep your content visually pinnable, you have a higher chance of re-pins.

Use Rich Pins

Businesses on Pinterest now have another tool at their disposal; Pinterest Rich Pins allow brands to give context to their original pins. Between recipes pins, shopping pins, and article pins, it’s easier than ever to convey the necessary information to amplify your message. Specifically, Product Pins show pricing, availability, and stockists for specific products, to make shopping easier and more accessible to Pinners.

Monitor competition

Pinterest is also a great way to monitor and track your competition; chances are, those who re-pin from them is the audience you want to be targeting. There are apps available that break down another account’s metrics, looking at how many re-pins they’ve had each day and what are the most popular pins.

You can also use PinAlerts to be notified when someone pins something from your website!

Drive traffic back to your website

Since Pinterest allows for a link to be added to each pin, it’s now easier than ever to make sure that your pins can direct traffic back to your home base.

Each pin has an average of 4 repins, so with a higher chance of pins getting some serious traction (and even going viral), having a link back to your website can help drive traffic and boost sales.