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5 Tips For More Efficient Speaking Engagements

If you want to expand your public speaking resume, or just get better at presenting in front of your social media clients, consider these 5 easy tips as you prepare for your next speaking engagement.

  1. Practice Makes Perfect: This might be an obvious tip, but you would be surprised at how often it is overlooked. Practice your speech until you feel comfortable and calm. Make sure you’re practicing your presentation in front of several groups of people. Present to someone who represents your target audience. Always make sure you ask for honest, critical feedback on the good, the bad, and the ugly of your presentation.

  2. Be a Giver, not a Taker: It’s important to promote yourself and your services, but try to avoid sounding “salesly”. Offer tips and strategies that will be new, useful, and enlightening for your target audience. And make any business pitches subtle and at the very end of your presentation.

  3. Make Eye Contact: Have a conversation with your audience. When you’re speaking, take a moment and look at a specific audience member. Yes, it can be ackward and uncomfortable at first but try to give each person that you intently look at an entire sentence or thought, without breaking your gaze.

  4. Meet Audience Members First: This is a great way to calm your pre-presentation jitters, not to mention network and recruit a few last-minute audience members into your meeting or session.

  5. Take it Nice and Easy: When you get nervous, your speech suffers. Why? Because nerves tend to make you speak a lot faster than normal. Try to speak as slowly as possible. The slower the better. 

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