5 ways CEOs can be more active on social media

This quote from @INCMagazine truly illustrates social media’s impact on the corporate world and why all leaders should be actively using it:

In the 1980's and 90's, most employees didn't know a thing about their leader outside of work. In the 2000's, it became more acceptable to know leaders on a personal level. Today, it's become the norm for employees to not only know their leader on a personal level but to be connected with their leader on social media.”

The public loves to know WHO is making magic happen behind the world’s most successful businesses. There’s a desire to understand how thought leaders, decision makers and innovators in Fortune 500 companies think.

Here are 5 ways CEO’s can be more active on social media, without giving away their secret sauce to success.

To lead by example

A CEO who maintains an active, engaging presence will help increase the likelihood of their teams taking social media seriously.

Tara Clark Twitter CEO Social Media.jpg

To humanize your brand

It’s in your  best interest to show authenticity online through social media interactions and well-crafted posts.

Richard Branson CEO Social Media Social T.jpg

To share expertise

To establish yourself as a thought leader online, craft and publish blog posts and videos relating to trends in your industry.  join in conversations and share relevant content on your social media channels. Don’t have time to do so? We can help!

A voice for GOOD

Elon Musk made a booboo recently when tweeting his thoughts about Tesla. By carefully planning C Suite social media content, you can avoid mishaps and share value-added content.

Find top talent

The key to successful recruitment lies in leveraging your personal social media network. Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter can greatly amplify your search for qualified candidates.

Are you a CEO seeking social media guidance? We can help!