The 3 biggest mistakes CEOs make on social media

44% of a company’s value is directly linked to the CEO’s reputation. As a leader, you represent your business’ vision, mission, and values on social media, but we suggest you steer clear of these 3 mistakes.

1. Not giving a peek into your life outside the boardroom. Share insights about your industry as a whole, the future of your work, and better yet, what you’re interested in outside of work. Your audience wants to see that you’re a well-rounded and real human.

Richard Branson CEO Social Media Social T.jpg

2. Missing key conversations with potential customers. Hit those like buttons, comment back on someone’s reply or pro-actively interact with influencers in the industry. Joining in on the dialogue will ensure you are seen as a thought leader who hosts impactful discussions.

3. A disorganized social presence. Without a strategy, your social channels can be erratic and not have a unifying purpose. Hire a team to design and manage your online presence. As experts in their field, they’ll blend your values, leadership style and personality into quality content and genuine conversations.

Do you want to be amongst the Fortune 500 leaders on social media?