Is Social Media Worth It?

Meet Leeann Froese

Leeann Froese is co-owner of the Vancouver-based PR & marketing agency, Town Hall Brands. A leader in social strategy, brand identity and digital storytelling, Leeann understands the importance of active dialogue with a brand’s audience.

Today, her followers on social media are highly engaged, but she had to start somewhere. Who better to answer our questions about how social media helps build brand awareness and drive website traffic?

With all the time, work, energy, and creation that goes into crafting your digital presence, how can businesses be sure that the investment in social media is “worth it”?

Here’s what Leeann had to say.

The Process

Leeann breaks down the digital presence into four steps:

  1. Inform

  2. Engage

  3. Inspire

  4. Convert (sale made!)

She translates this into a simple scenario. When you first meet someone, you don’t pounce and blurt out, “Hi, my name is Name, will you buy what I’m selling?”

Instead, you have to take the time to introduce yourself, get to know them, establish a rapport, engage them with interesting material, and after some time, make an offering. In short, you have to begin a lasting conversation that will have them remembering and appreciating you, and over time, trusting you.

“It’s all about overall growth and brand building. Social media is not the be-all end-all solutions, but it is a key device in the toolbox as part of an integrated marketing and communications plan. Whether it directly makes a sale or not, it is still an important part of your brand’s voice.” We couldn’t agree more, Leeann.

Remember, what you’re saying and how you’re saying it goes a long way in turning your audience into an engaged and loyal community. 

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