How to Create a Picture-Perfect Instagram Bio

A business Instagram profile gives new customers, connections and competitors a strong first impression of your company. Here are two key ways you can tweak your account to maximize reach in under 5 minutes!

Instagram Bio

Instagram allows 150 characters in the bio. This gives you enough room to craft an enticing 1-2 sentences to show your visitor who you are, what you do, why it matters, and most importantly, WHERE you are!

Include a call to action. What should visitors do after visiting your profile? Use a call to action and the link in your bio to convert Instagram visitors to customers. One last important tip is to highlight what makes your brand special and stand out from your competitors.

Pictures are worth a thousand words and with only 150 characters available, consider using emojis to visually describe your brand. Include a unique, branded hashtag so visitors can tag your product. You can then search this hashtag for user-generated content.

Instagram Profile Picture

Whether it's your logo or a photo of your founder, select a great image that is easy to see on a mobile device. 

Social T Vancouver Client Instagram Handles.jpg

Now that your Instagram profile is set-up, it's, time to curate your feed and create quality captions for your social media posts. Stay tuned! We're sharing our top social media management tools in our next blog post!

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