Social Media Tips: Coworking Space

How to use social media to promote a new coworking space

Do you have a coworking space that is ready to be filled with like-minded professionals? Here are 3 social media tips to attract the very best.

Post regularly to clearly define your brand identity

Frequency is key once you’ve launched your social media accounts. Daily social media posts will increase the likelihood of online interactions and they’re a marketing asset that will allow you to shape the brand of your space. This helps attract professionals who are more in line with your business’s philosophies.

“There’s something special about getting  a group of [like-minded] people together and social media is such a great tool to reach out and find them.”

Meredith Garritsen, Founder of Hervana Coworking Collective.

Highlight the “perks” you provide to define what makes you different

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Location and interior design are incredibly important, but what else makes your coworking space different? Social media can highlight the additional benefits that come with your space such as networking events, bookable boardrooms for meetings, or even storage availability.     

Build community


Aside from posting your own material, make sure you comment and re-share content that could be related to your space. This will make you easily discoverable by people who are looking for a place to work or would fit in with your space’s values. Even better,  promote the work of the members you already have. It helps build a long-lasting relationship and provides prospects with a chance to see the types of businesses operating in your location. Encourage your members to post and tag your space to help build your online credibility.

Learn how one of Vancouver’s top coworking spaces, Hervana Coworking Collective, leverages social media for building their business.

Hear why social media is important for business from Meredith and Tara!