Social Media Tips For Teams

5 Must-Know Social Media Tips for Your Team

Did you know? Company social media content shared by employees can get up to 10X the reach! Leveraging online platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn & Instagram are great ways a brand can connect with their team, network, and prospects. Here are 5 simple social media marketing tips your team members can use to build brand awareness.

1. Share Testimonials

Posting customer testimonials is a great way to showcase an organization’s team and expertise genuinely and authentically.  We recommend that when asking clients for testimonials, it’s best to give them a heads up on where it will be posted. Be sure to link the posts to case studies on the company website with additional details of the placement. Creative Technology Resources has some great examples that can be viewed HERE.

2. Use High-Quality Images

When sourcing content from external news outlets, such as Business Insider or the Financial Times, the social platform auto-populates the article’s image. When a business is putting out their own content, there are a couple options on where to find quality photos:

Option one would be to use free stock images of work spaces, laptops, handshakes, notebooks, etc. from sites such as Unsplash and Pixelbay. But keep in mind that if the business is on Instagram, good imagery is a must. We always recommend using own photos versus free stock pictures, otherwise the feed won’t look authentic. 

Alternatively, hire a photographer for a shoot right in the office. The company can even add a watermark of their logo in the background or corner of the photos. This is a great way to start creating a stock image database with photos unique to the company. 

Source: Creative Technology Resources

Source: Creative Technology Resources

3. Share At Prime Time

As a general rule of thumb, around noon during lunch hour and in the evenings after everyone is off work are the best times to post because people usually use their free time to scroll through social media. Sprout Social and Hootsuite have analyzed their user data further by industry, so definitely take a look at their research to learn more.

Source: Oberlo

Source: Oberlo

4. What To Avoid

Oftentimes we see users making it all about them, rather than posting content that will be a value-add to their followers, or posting too frequently and spamming their followers. Another common mistake is the use of low-quality photos and/or videos, or not having an image at all. Even if the account only shares one post a week, make that one post captivating, valuable, and stand out from the sea of other posts. 

5. Turn Success Stories Into Case Studies

Copywriters are very accessible nowadays, especially in Vancouver. Social T has some amazing content creators on our team as well, so feel free to reach out!

Before going about hiring copywriters, think about the top three things the business wants to write about. What are the clients’ pain points? How can the post help solve their problems? Maybe rather than writing a whole case study, summarize the company’s expertise in a three-bullet-points post. And do a quick Google search first. Sometimes similar white papers have already been written, and as long as it’s not from a competitor or a source with conflict of interest, simply re-share!

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