Women Who Inspire Us #IWD2019

Who inspires you to get out of bed every morning and make an impact in the world? At Social T., we’re all about empowering one another to do our best work and be our best selves. In celebration of International Women’s Day, we’re sharing stories of amazing women who inspire us - not just on March 8th - but every day of the year.

Tara Clark, Gaby Brisebois, Melody Lin, Zoey Jones, Jenny Wan

Tara Clark, Gaby Brisebois, Melody Lin, Zoey Jones, Jenny Wan

I am inspired by all the women in my life. They are all business powerhouses, and I look up to them every day. Something I learned is to work hard and play just as hard, and if you work for it you deserve it!  A woman I enjoy following on social media (and that you should follow as well!) is @Wenwillwatt, the creator of @bigloveball. She started a movement in Vancouver about spreading love and kindness, and built a business around the initiative. Social T. empowers us at work by encouraging continuous education and personal growth!

- Zoey Jones, Social Media Coordinator

A mentor once told me that "it's okay if you don't have all the answers right now." People don't become experts overnight, so don't ever be afraid to be curious, ask questions, and, most importantly, be unapologetically YOU. Her words remind me of two inspiring women I follow: @jennakutcher reminds me everyday to “show up as I am”, and @janegoodallinst with one of my favourite quotes, "What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide is what kind of difference you want to make." Happy #IWD2019.

- Melody Lin, Executive Assistant & Social Media Coordinator

I follow @rupikaur_ on Instagram and she's not only an amazing poet but a huge inspiration. She's unapologetically honest and her words uplift, comfort me and challenge society's views of women and what a woman should or should not be.

- Jenny Wan, Social Media Strategist

My grandmother had this daily ritual. She would wake up early, every morning, and make fresh dumplings for the household. No matter how early I woke up, she was always up earlier than me, with a plate of fresh dumplings. Once I told her: “Nanny, you don’t have to do this for everyone, you’re up too early, we can make our own breakfast”. She looked at me and smiled: “This is just one of the ways I can say to you, on a busy day, good morning and I love you. Everyday should start with love.” And she was right, that’s why she’s my biggest inspiration in business and life. She taught me to lead with love in all I do.

- Gaby Brisebois, Account Manager

Our team, clients, and collaborative partners inspire me daily to think bigger and work smarter...not only on social media, though! It’s also the face-to-face moments from the boardroom to the wine bar that make our #womeninbusiness bonds long-lasting and strong.

- Tara Clark, Founder & CEO

Learn more about the International Women’s Day campaign, #BetterforBalance, at https://www.internationalwomensday.com/.

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