Restaurant Social Media Marketing Tips for Golf Resorts

Is your golf resort’s restaurant on Facebook and Instagram? With over 2 billion active users on Facebook and 1 billion on Instagram worldwide, a healthy social media presence for businesses is now more important than ever. 

So how do you build a reputation online? Well, every social media strategy starts with this key step: content planning. Think seasonal, promotional, special events and holidays that your target audience would care about. We recommend drafting out an annual content calendar with monthly themes so you have a big picture plan to refer back to and craft specific posts for, such as:


Highlight food and drinks for the specific season, such as featured wines, happy hour menus, seasonal ingredients, cocktail of the months, and special promotions.


Everyone loves theme nights and free meals, so use that to your advantage to increase engagement online and drive traffic to the restaurant.

Now that you have an arsenal of content ideas in your toolkit, it’s time to execute with these Facebook and Instagram tips:


  1. Maintain a coherent look that resonates with your brand.

  2. Add a link back to your golf course website on every post. 

  3. Respond to positive and negative reviews on Facebook & Google. 

  4. Share the best reviews on your Instagram & Facebook feeds with a great photo. 


  1. Use images with people in them. Content with human elements have higher engagement than those without.

    • Scheduling tools such as Later and can help preview what your Instagram grid will look like before you post.

  2. Encourage engagement on stories, such as the “Q&A” sticker. Instagram Stories is also a great place to showcase behind-the-scenes (BTS) content and special menu items of the day.

  3. Include a call to action to encourage people to comment.


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