The Do’s and Don’ts of Instagram

The Do’s and Don’ts of Instagram for Business

With over 1 billion daily users, Instagram is a marketer's dream come true: images reign supreme and content is gold.

As incredible as Instagram is, it might not be that simple for B2B and B2C businesses to incorporate this social media platform into their marketing strategy. We all know the value of Instagram, but not everyone knows how to use it properly – or how to get marketing ROI. As Instagram gurus, we want to simplify things and share with you some quick and easy-to-implement Dos and Don'ts that will help you get started with Instagram:

The Do’s of Instagram

  1. You’ll Never Know Until You Ask: Asking questions is an efficient and effective way to spark a conversation, create a sense of community and increase social media engagement. Go ahead, add a question to your next Instagram post.

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2. #Hashtag, You’re It: Identifying the right hashtags is vital when it comes to social monitoring and engagement. Hashtags have become a critical tool for increasing views and expanding your reach. Just make sure you use industry relevant hashtags. If not, your content risks getting lost in a tsunami of other Instagram posts.

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3. Sharing Is Caring: BTS content lets your audience peek into your business and see what they wouldn’t see otherwise. This makes your followers feel special. By giving them the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of everything that goes into your company and what makes you unique, you’re also demonstrating authenticity and transparency.

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The Don’ts of Instagram

  1. Over post: Don’t annoy your followers with a slew of back-to-back posts. Our advice: keep it to 1-2 posts a day unless you are live broadcasting or launching a new initiative.

  2. Post irrelevant content for the sake of engagement: Keep your posts brand-centric, or closely related to interests of your target audience (and followers). Context is everything, so even if you're going for more of an engaging post to boost attention, remember to tie it back to your brand purpose.

  3. Buy Followers: Last but not least, do not buy followers. Your audience won’t be fooled. It can be very tempting to buy Instagram followers, but not only is it detrimental for your brand’s reputation, it can also negatively affect your engagement.

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