Social T Talks: Collaboration Over Competition

3 things we learned about collaboration from digital marketing experts

On Thursday, September 20th, our Founder, Tara Clark, participated in an expert panel focused on how complementary businesses can, and should, work together. Each of the panel guests, Tara Clark, Founder at Social T., Kelsey Jorssen, Founder at Jorssen Media and Grace Lanuza, Founder & CEO at Grace Lanuza Brand shared how they worked with a person or business that may have been viewed as "competition", yet the collaboration turned into a success story. Hervana creator Meredith Garritsen moderated the exciting conversation.

Let’s take a walk down memory lane with 3 things we learned from Tara, Kelsey and Grace:

Sharing is Caring

As Tara explains: “Collaboration can have different meanings. For me, it’s sharing your expertise, your ability to empower one another and provide optimal efficiency efficiency.” Sharing is a vital life skill and it helps build long-lasting relationships, whether personal or professional.

Be clear

How does one effectively collaborate? Kelsey believes that it’s important to be open and accept each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Honesty and clear communication are key elements to a strong working relationship. Also, be 100% sure you want to do the collaboration before agreeing/reaching out.

It’s Ok. Mistakes can happen

During the panel, Grace shared a personal story about a time when her collaborative venture didn’t work out as expected: “Mistakes are part of life”, explained Grace, “we have to take action and learn from them”. Not every collaboration with a competitor will be fruitful and that’s ok. Look at every challenging moment as an opportunity for growth and learning.

What is Collaboration & Why is it so Important?

In the following video, Tara shares why working with others increases opportunities in all sorts of ways for you and your business. Take a look!