What To Ask Before Hiring A Social Media Company

5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Social Media Company

Are you a busy business owner looking to hire a digital marketing expert to manage your social media? How do you go about hiring a social media company? What do you ask? What are you supposed to look for? We’ve created a list of the top 5 questions to ask!

1. What social media feeds should my business be on?

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Ask the strategist to assist with selecting the social platforms that are best suited to your industry and digital marketing goals. For example, a law firm will most likely want to engage with potential clients via LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. A destination like @nectaryogabnb will get the most out of Instagram for their business.

2. How do you develop content?

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Uncover what the social media strategists content review and approval process is. Social media should drive conversions, and in most cases, this happens through increased website traffic. Leveraging a unique and professional voice, posting with meticulous attention to detail and setting predetermined objectives are all steps that should be followed.

3. Will I be involved in the content creation/review process?

This step helps with quality control! Great content isn’t stumbled upon, it’s carefully curated and crafted for a specific goal. As a business owner, you know your industry best and your input on copy is required.

4. Who will I collaborate with on your social media team?

This will help you determine the best person to contact with questions and comments about your content.  It’s necessary to determine from the start who on their team will be responsible for your account, and with what frequency you would have access to them. Knowing who will be the lead on your account, day to day, is important.

5. How do I measure the success of my social media investment?

The agency you hire will provide quality followers and likes, PLUS they report on activities and analyze conversion rates to continuously improve your online presence. A qualified social media team will set KPI’s to meet your goals and report on activities often.

Talking about your company, team and clients online is an art.

Learn how we help share your story and amplify it to the right audience through social media in the video below!

Still wondering why social media is important for your business?