Social Media For Recruitment

How to Use Social Media to Recruit and Hire Top Talent

  • Ask your team to post the job on their personal LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter (personal endorsements for a company do very well)

  • Have HR and senior leaders do some candidate hunting on LinkedIn. Search for contacts in the target city with a similar job titles. Connect with the contact and send a personalized message such as "I'd like to chat with you about an exciting new opportunity we have at COMPANY NAME”

  • Pay to play: Add the job to LinkedIn 

    • Pros: Effective & targeted

    • Cons: Expensive! 

      • See LinkedIn’s job post pricing model HERE

  • Craft a few blog posts:

    • what it's like to work at the company

    • highlight your team

    • what the CEO stands for

    • cool initiatives or charitable giving the business takes part in

  • Use Facebook’s JOBS tab 

    • Pros: people might land on the feed during personal time

    • Cons: receive applications via messenger = harder to vet before responding 

  • Craft a great job posting on Facebook

    • Boost Facebook post to education and experience the role requires

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