Social Media Tips: Event Planning

How to use social media to promote your next business event

Want to make your next business event a success?  Here are four tips to create the best event social media campaign!

Create a Facebook event

490M people use Facebook Page events every month

Facebook is the go-to platform to advertise events.Here are some quick tips to setll-out your next event:

Social T Events.jpg
  • Craft a catchy title

  • Include a clear description

  • Add a beautiful cover photo

  • Be candid about pricing (use Eventbrite to collect payments!)

  • Stay active on the page up to  the day of the event. Posting daily with updates on what’s happening/who will be at the event will build anticipation and replying to users who might have questions will increase the likelihood that they attend.

Share the event across all social media channels

This will make your event easily discoverable across a variety of platforms. Update your photos (cover/profile) to the event.  Create an event hashtag to catalogue posts leading up to, during and after the event.

Re-share content from past events

Post imagery from past events to give potential attendees an  idea of what to expect and to build credibility e-tag those past attendees, they’ll likely find your current event interesting and engage with the post.

Run targeted social media ads

Facebook and Instagram ads help to  reach specific demographics and narrow your posts to a specific geographical location. Save time by boosting your Facebook and Instagram posts, this will have your content appear in the feeds of people who match the exact parameters you set.

Learn the pros and cons of social media from the lens of Sandy Pandher, Vancouver event planner: