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3 Instagram Tips to Promote Your Hotel’s Spa Services

Have you ever thought about using social media to promote your hotel’s spa services? Instagram’s image-focused layout is an effective digital marketing platform for showcasing what your spa has to offer. When done right, it becomes a key piece of your marketing toolkit.  

Here are 3 quick tips on how to fill up your hotel’s spa bookings with Instagram:  

1. Boots Posts using Instagram Ads

Promote your spa’s special offers with targeted Instagram Ads. For example,  if your hotel offers 20% off facials on Mondays, shout it out! Take advantage of the “boost post” option to reach the ideal guests you want to target. Flush out your boosted post by adding the “book now” banner. This handy feature allows guests to book a spa appointment with the tap of a finger!

2. Build Awareness with Instagram Contests

Everyone loves winning, which is why social media contests are a great way to generate engagement with current followers, and even gain some along the way. From using branded hashtags to creating eye-catching visuals, there are numerous creative ways to make your giveaway exciting! Learn more about “How to Create a Worthwhile Instagram Contest” with Sprout Social’s 10 tips.

3. Align with Social Media Influencers

Start by selecting 3 to 5  influencers that align with your hotel’s brand and target guests. Draft a contract that reflects the marketing needs of the spa specifically, and include a list of services you would like the influencer to showcase on their profile. To learn more about how to select the right influencer for your hotel, follow these 5 “S’” (Influencer for hotel blog link).

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