5 Instagram Marketing Tips

5 Ways to Promote Your Hotel on Instagram

Did you know that over 80% of travellers now rely on social media for hotel inspiration? With its visually-engaging feeds, Instagram is at the centre of this trend. Photos of travel destinations are what spark wanderlust, attract new guests, and encourage past guests to return. Your hotel’s imagery can be the catalyst that entices followers to take the leap, and book that trip.

If you haven’t already leveraged this social channel, we’ve put together 5 ways you can promote your hotel on Instagram.  

1.  Highlight the Guest Experience  

What makes your hotel unique? Is it the world-class customer service or friendly staff that keeps guests coming back for more? Post photos such as  the informative concierge giving guests sightseeing recommendations or handing over their keys at the valet. These are essential parts of the hotel experience and something that potential guests want to see.Whether you’re a family-run establishment, no-fuss hotel in the downtown core, or an all-inclusive resort, make sure that the content you post hits home and is relatable with your target audience.  

Tara Clark Wedgewood Hotel Vancouver.jpg

2. Showcase All Corners of the Hotel

Use beautiful imagery to display the amenities and services that make your hotel noteworthy. Take pictures at all different angles, times of day, and include people in the shots. Having a variety of images tells multiple stories and appeals to different audiences. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words!

Tara Clark The Opus Hotel Vancouver.jpg

3. Share What’s Outside the Hotel Doors

Helps guests explore the surrounding area of the hotel. Highlight all that the city has to offer! Reach out to nearby local restaurants, attractions, and tour companies, and create a strategy to cross-promote one another’s services. Not only can this showcase your hotel’s proximity to local experiences, it can also capture people’s interests and make them excited for their next vacation.

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4. Utilize Instagram Stories

With one third of the most viewed Instagram Stories being business accounts, we recommend posting a minimum of 2 stories a day to keep your audience engaged. Want to know how to make your Instagram Stories stand out from the crowd? Check out our 3 tips!

5. Boost Sponsored Posts

If you want to reach a broader audience based off of targeting options such as their interests and locations, sponsored posts are the way to go. Boosting posts enable you to track and analyze data to see what is or isn’t achieving increased engagement from your target audience. Ready to take it a step further? Work with social media influencers to create sponsored content and tap into their niche following.  Read more about how to choose the right influencer for your hotel’s marketing strategy.

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